You have the option to link your phone number to your account if you registered using Google or any of the social media options.

Step 1: Navigate to  your Profile.

Step 2: Expand your profile and tap on "Connect with phone"

Step 3: Enter your phone details, tap on "Get Code".

Please ensure your line is not DND enabled to ensure you get the code if you do no get the code within the secs' countdown, kindly exit the app, go back to your phone, and send STATUS to 2442 from your device to ensure you are able to receive 3rd party messages. If you have deactivated this function, then send ALLOW to 2442 to reactivate it, you can always deactivate it later. Go back to Step 2 and proceed.

Step 3a: Input the code

Step 4: Create a password for yourself

Step 4a: Re-enter the password

All done.

This enables you to log in to your account either with your social media (or google) or the phone number that you just linked. NOTE: this is only possible for these options and no other.