Songs downloaded via subscription cannot be transferred from an old device to a new one. All downloaded songs are  saved in .bp format. This means that users can only play the downloaded songs within the app. 

Upon change of device, without backup, the functions available to you are 

1. Your Playlists (that is, those created with songs downloaded from the app).

2. Your Favorites.

However, you can back up your downloads by moving files to an SD card from the old device before switching to the new one.

Follow the steps listed below to move your files to an SD card:

Step 1: Navigate to your phone file manager, open your SD card storage, and create a new folder with the name 'Boom Player'

Step 2: Open the internal storage (phone memory) and open the original 'Boom Player' folder. Select the 'Download' folder, and CUT it (please do not copy) 

Step 3: Go back to the SD storage and PASTE it in the 'Boom Player' folder you newly created.

Step 4a: Navigate back to your to file manager and open your SD storage again.

Step 4b: Open the new Boom player folder and click on Downloads to view the songs then exit the file manager.

Step 5: Open the app on your phone, and log out. While you are logged out, go to downloads, you will see nothing there. 

Step 6: Log in again, go to downloads, and you will see all your downloaded songs


1. Please remember to CUT and NOT COPY when moving the folder.

2. The files have to remain on your SD card for you to be able to play the songs.