What can I get with the badges?

When you earn the 1 crown badge, you are eligible for an Influential Boombuddy verified account!

If you meet this requirement, send an email to support.boomplay@transsnet.com requesting a verified Influential Boombuddy account.

How do I grow my star badge?

When you stream a song for one day, you earn 0.1 stars.

When you stream at least one song for 3 consecutive days, you earn an extra 0.1 star on the 3rd day and get an extra 0.2 star on the 7th day.

4 level_star_icon@3x =1 level_moon_icon@3x

4 level_moon_icon@3x =1 level_sun_icon@3x

4 level_sun_icon@3x =1 level_crown_icon@3x

Keep streaming!