There are two ways to download from the app: Subscription Downloads and Free Downloads.

See the process for each download below:

1. Subscription Download (VIP)

You would need to subscribe to any of our subscription plans in order to download unlimited content for offline play if you do not have an active Boomplay subscription. See link on how to subscribe:

N.B. Songs downloaded via subscription cannot be shared or played with a different media player. Also, these songs would only be available for the duration of your subscription. After it expires, you would need to re-subscribe to be able to listen to the songs offline once again.


Locate the song/album of your choice and follow the steps below. Kindly note you can download an Album at a go by tapping the ‘Download All’ icon or individual tracks by tapping the ‘Download’ icon on respective track, then follow the prompts.

1. Click on the Download icon

2. Select the download option of your choice and tap on Download.

N:B: You would be prompted to subscribe as shown by the arrow if it is premium content. 

Note: You will see a pop-up informing you of the download progress and the location of the downloads

2. Free Download

You can download select songs for free. Songs available for Free Download have the 'Free' icon beside the Download tag.

  • Select your preferred storage location by tapping the ‘Download to Phone Storage’ (only applicable if you have a memory card on your device, otherwise it will automatically save on your phone
  • Select your preferred download quality (the bigger the size, the more data consumption)

  • Pop up showing the download progress and location of the downloaded songs

The steps are the same as subscription downloads.


1. Songs that have the 'Free' icon beside the Download option means that you can download the songs for Free without a Boomplay Subscription.

2. Songs that have the 'VIP' icon beside the Download option means that you can only download the songs with an active Boomplay Subscription.

3. You can download an Album at a go by tapping on the download icon (downward arrow) and follow the prompts, instead of downloading one song at a time.