How To Create A Playlist

1. Navigate to the Library page and click on Playlists

2. Click on the '+ New Playlist' icon

3. Input the name of your playlist and click 'OK'

If you would like your playlist to be private, turn on the 'Set as Private' button

4. Click on 'Add Music'

5. You would be directed to the 'Add Music' page. Select the songs you would like to add and click on Done.

All done! The default image of your playlist is the music art of the first song you selected.

How To Edit A Playlist

1. From your list of Playlists, click on the playlist you would like to edit

2. Click on the Edit icon

3. Click the '+' Add Music icon to add new songs to the playlist OR select the songs you would like to remove and select 'Remove Selected'.

Afterward, click on 'Done'

4. To re-order the position of the songs in the playlist, long-press the 'Three line icon' beside any song and move upwards or downwards. 

Afterward, click on 'Done'

5. To change the name of the playlist, or change the default image of the playlist, click on the selected section and make the changes

Afterward, click on 'Done'.

How To Share A Playlist

1. Select the playlist you would like to share

2. Click on the Share icon

3. Select your preferred option of sharing and follow the prompts

4. All done!