1. What is a Boomplay Subscription?

By subscribing to any of our plans, you become a VIP member of Boomplay and this allows you to stream content without ads and to download unlimited songs and videos to play offline (play without using an internet connection). Original downloads require data. However, subsequent plays will not require data.

Downloaded songs are located in the Downloads section of the 'Library' page in the app. Likewise, downloaded videos are located in the Videos section of the 'Library' page.

Subscription Download songs and videos are only available for the duration of your subscription plan. Once the subscription expires, you will not be able to play these content until your Boomplay subscription is renewed.

We currently have the Student Monthly Pland and the General Monthly Plan

With Google Play General Monthly Subscription, you can directly pay from your bank card and renewal is automatic unless canceled on Google Play. The first month will be FREE when you subscribe to our plan using this option.

How to subscribe

1. Tap on Account and Click on Subscribe

2. Select your preferred subscription plan (Student Monthly Plan or General Monthly Plan)

3. Update your card details and follow the prompts.

4. Ensure your details are correct and tap on subscribe.

5. Enter your password and verify to complete the process.

Note: These subscription options would automatically renew every month unless disabled.

How to disable auto-renewal function on subscription.

Please navigate to Google Play, locate Boomplay, tap on Manage Subscription and follow the prompts.